18 Şubat 2020 Salı

Alexandria Troas

Alexandria Troas: The ruins of Alexandria Troas, an ancient city founded by Alexander the Great’s General Antigonos I in 300 BC, lie 30km south of Troy. Excavated since 2000, the site consists of mostly Roman ruins surrounded by 8km of city wall. Constantine the Great considered making Alexandria the capital of the eastern Roman Empire before he settled on Constantinapole. As the chief port of north-west Asia Minor, the place prospered greatly in Roman times, and the existing remains sufficiently attest its former importance. 

A sacred way linked it to Smintheion, while another avenue lined with shops (now uncovered) served the ancient harbour at Dalyan Village. The modern road roughly bisects the city; just west of this are the site’s most obvious features, including the agora temple, its columns and reliefs set aside for restoration; a huge structure of unknown function; and a partly dug-up odeion with two massive arched entrances. On the other side of the road are a basilica and one of several baths, with clay piping exposed.