25 Mayıs 2019 Cumartesi



Biga Region produced fine wine in ancient times and the God Priapus gave the town its ancient name Pegae. In 334 BC, the town surrendered to Alexander the Great without contest, prior to the Battle of Granicus. Under the Eastern Roman Empire, the town was the site of a Byzantine fortress. The ancient port city of Priapos in Karabiga and the ancient settlement of Parion in Kemer Village near Biga were one of the most important centers of the Helenistic Era. 

Excavations have been going on there for the past nine years and a 2,200-year-old sarcophagus was unearthed during archaeological excavations in 2009. Golden earrings, rings and crown pieces have been found in the sarcophagus, which is believed to have belonged to a princess. According to the archaeologists, the sarcophagus had an inscription of a warrior saying goodbye to his family as he left for a war. The warrior in the inscription could be Paris who caused the Trojan War. Also hundreds of graves have been excavated at the ancient city of Parion. Other unearthed findings include gifts for the dead such as teardrop bottles and oil lamps. Based on the findings, archaeologists believe Parion was a glorious city ruled by the rich elite of the Hellenistic Age. In the town centre, Çarşı Mosque and Şadırvan (water tank with a fountain) in the mosque's garden, Ulu Mosque and Halimbey Mansion are well worth a visit to see historical artifacts. 

Population: According to the 2013 census, the population of Biga is 85.225.

How to get there:
Approx. distance from Çanakkale to Çan     by road is 58 miles or 94 km.
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