18 Şubat 2020 Salı

Dardanos Tumulus

Dardanos Tumulus: One of the most important Hellenistic tombs of the Troad, the Dardanos Tumulus is 11 km (7 miles) from Çanakkale. There were approximately 470 grave gifts, including terracotta figurines, oil lamps and perfume bottles, alabastra (a jar, chiefly used for fragrant ointments), pieces of woolen clothing, bone buttons, the soles of leather sandals, baskets, wooden musical instruments, and fragments of furniture. 

The stone tomb under the tumulus consists of a dromos (passage leading into an ancient Greek temple or tomb), vestibule (a small entrance hall or passage), and grave chamber. The inscriptions on the walls indicate that it was built either by a prominent late 6th century B. C. citizen of Dardanos named Skamandrios, or that it was built in his name. After the last burial, which was probably in the first or second century A. D., the dromos entrance was closed with large stone blocks and the outer face covered with rubble and earth. In the main chamber there were three stone klinai (a type ancient furniture) placed along the back and side walls. 42 skulls were discovered during the excavation, and the bodies were clearly placed side by side or on top of each other on these klinai. An ossuary (a container or room in which the bones of dead people are placed) and bronze cremation urns were also discovered within the tomb. Figurine of the goddess Aphrodite is another masterpiece that was made of baked clay; white-painted with gold inlay, after Praxiteles.