10 Nisan 2020 Cuma



Ezine is a small town, best known for its cheese. Ezine cheese, having protected geographical indication (GPI) status, is a white pickled cheese. Mixture of goat, sheep, and cow milk is used to make it. Alexandria Troas was an Aegean seaport founded by Alexander the Great’s general Antigonos I in 300 BC. The city consists of mostly Roman ruins surrounded by 8km of city wall. Kestanbol Thermal Springs offers guests the chance to soak away their worries. Guests can completely relax and enjoy the therapeutic powers of the water.

Population: According to the 2013 census, the population of Ezine is 32.165.

How to get there:
Ezine is on the way to İzmir. Approx distance from Çanakkale to Ezine by road is 32 miles or 52 km. See the link below for the map and additional information related to driving directions: