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Gökçeada, known for centuries as Imroz or the windy isle, is the westernmost point and the largest island of Turkey.  Unlike most of the other Aegean Islands, there is no shortage of fresh water in Gökçeada. Imroz wine is puckery, fresh fish is all year round; the bread and olive oil are delicious. Gökçeada is one of the eight "cittaslows" of Turkey. Goats wander the mountain peaks and, the smell of figs and the sea fill the air. Madam Maria’s mortar-ground coffee is very famous. The island is known for raising sheep and goats, so this is a perfect place to eat excellent meat. 

The places of worship are the best preserved.  Most of the churches are dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Services are still held.  Kefalos is the best location for windsurfing. It is a good idea to first have a curative mudbath in the salt lake and then go to Kefalos Beach to rinse in the sea. The island’s amazing rock formations resembling stacked cheese, waterfalls, and the first ever Protected Marine Area in Turkey and many other sites offer visitors an unforgettable experience. 

Population: According to the 2013 census, the population of Gökçeada is 8.830.

How to get there:
Gökçeada is connected by fast ferry from Canakkale Port in the city center, and by car ferry from Kabatepe Port at Gallipoli. All ferries run on a daily basis. Use the link below to view the full timetable and routes:

Approx. distance from Eceabat in Gelibolu to Kabatepe Port by road is 7 miles or 11 km.
See the link below for the map and additional information related to driving directions:
(please type: kabatepe feribot iskelesi in “To” section)

Throughout high season in the summer, flights are available between İstanbul - Gökçeada on certain days of the week.