18 Şubat 2020 Salı



Neandreia: Neandreia is an Aeolian Greeks Settlement dating to 700 BCE, 13 km inland from Alexandria Troas, located on the bare summit of the Çığrı Dağ.

The earliest archaeological remains date to the 6th century BCE. These include a temple (26 metre by 13 metre temple with 12 by 7 Aeolic columns), an agora, and a stoa, as well as fortifications at the western end of the site. It has been suggested that the temple was dedicated to Apollo, since Apollo appears on the coins of the city, and an inscription from Neandreia dating to 500 BCE records the dedication of a statue to this god. It is interesting to note that the coins of Neandria have on their re-verse the figüre of a grazing horse.

Archaeological investigations have shown that in the late 5th or early 4th century BCE a new defense circuit of walls was constructed from granite ashlar blocks which was 3 km in length, 3 m thick, and enclosed an area of 40 ha.