18 Şubat 2020 Salı



Parion: The ancient city of Parion is in the village of Kemer near the town of Biga. Parion is one of the most importants among the dozens of ancient settlements in the region of Troad, in which the city of Troy was the focus. Parion was first found by archaeologists in 2005. Many precious artefacts have been unearthed at the site since, suggesting the city’s importance during the Hellenistic and Roman Age. Works focused on both the aqueduct and the well-preserved necropolis, where there are many types of burials, from simple pithoi (large earthenware storage jars) to sandstone sarcophagi. Both cremations and inhumation remains were found, dating from the first half of the 4th century BC to the Roman period. 

During archaeological excavations, golden earrings, rings and crown pieces have been found in the 2,200-year-old warrior sarcophagus, believed to have belonged to a princess. Approximately 200 graves have been excavated at the ancient city of Parion. Other unearthed findings include "gifts for the dead," such as teardrop bottles, oil lamps and toys.