4 Temmuz 2020 Cumartesi


Güzelyalı Beach - International Youth Camp
Sports & Training Camp captivates visitor attractions with the state of the art sports facilities which can accommodate a wide variety of sports, and has been designed to cater for the leisure, sport and recreation needs offering activities for children, young people and adults alike.
Asos Kadırga Cove
Assos Kadırga Cove is a seaside resort declared a protected area. There are 14 tourist facilities that have not threatened to ruin the environment on which they depend. 
Kumburun Taşkapı Cove
Situated in Kumburun Village, Ezine is ideal for couple and family beach holidays. After about 10 minutes driving, a trail that branches off Kumburun Road, sheltered by pine trees brings you to Taşkapı Cove.
Asos Harbour
Assos Harbour is beautiful with its restaurants right up to the water edge looking at the Aegean Sea.
Asos Sivrice Beach
Situated some 5 miles east of Babakale, Ayvacık in the south-east of Bektaş Village, Sivrice Beach is well worth the diversion for a couple of days of quiet relaxation and swimming. 
Asos Sivrice Sokakağzı
Assos Sivrice Sokakağzı Beach is located in Assos all the way down the hill from Bektaş Village. Follow the mainroad of Assos – Babakale through Bektaş Village, turn left out of the village onto a narrow downhill road, through the beach for some 3 miles until it forks at which turn right entering Sokakağzı Beach
Ayazma Beach
Sand so fine and silky smooth under your feet and water so blue, kind of a teal color, streching out before you. So, scoot to the beach, lay in the sunshine..
Mermer Headland - Aquarium Cove
Mermer Headland, alias Aquarium Cove is the cute and lively place of Bozcaada. The cove is a big fishing refuge of the island;
Kefaloz Beach - Aydıncık Cove
Kefaloz Beach, Gökçeada has good wind reliability. Its strength varies from very rough to just a breeze. So, the beach attracts holidaymakers, windsurfers, kitesurfers and other watersports enthusiasts from all over the world, mainly from Bulgaria; together with sailors of all abilities and levels.
Uğurlu Harbour - Gizli Liman Cove
The meander driving, down to the southwest coast from Gökçeada town centre to Dereköy through Uğurlu Harbour, runs along the olive and pine trees overlooking the dam reservoir. Then, here comes the cove. 
ÇOMU Dardanos Beach
Dardanos calls you, where elegant blue waters of Aegean and Marmara Sea meets emerald green of Mount Ida..
Tombolo in Çardak and Isle Of Sand
The tombolo in Çardak is the deposition landform in which the isle of Sand is attached to the Çardak Mainland by a narrow piece of land as a spit.
Güneyli Village - Bakla Cove
Güneyli is a small seaside village on the Peninsula’s west coast with clean, pure air and ample shoreline for bank fishing. Fishing and farming are the main sources of income and employment for the villagers.
Büyük Kemikli Point - Suvla Bay
If you are planning a serene, tranquil and an exceptional holiday, Büyük Kemikli Point in Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park is one of the best. 
Kömür Cove
There are still no settlements on such pristine cove and on its hidden nature. Unquestionably, aquarium-like water is popular for underwater enthusiasts.