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The island of Bozcaada (Tenedos) has much more to offer than golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Bozcaada is renowned for its many shoreline restaurants. Fishery and tourism are important sources of income in the town. The island offers local specialities for fans of unusual flavours such as vine leaf omelette, stuffed calamari, tomato preserve flavoured with almonds, hasenpfeffer (rabbit stew) and kid stew. The vineyards boast stunning view of the island. The islanders have been engaged with viticulture and viniculture for 3000 years, so Bozcaada is heaven for wine connoisseurs. 
On Sunday mornings, you can attend mass at the local church together with the island’s small congregation. Bozcaada’s electricity is generated by windmills. These are an impressive sight, particularly at sunset. Streets are laid out following a grid pattern. Make sure to explore narrow lanes filled with historic houses. Also, no trip to Bozcaada is complete without a tour of its fortress.

Population: According to the 2013 census, the population of Bozcaada is 2.643.

How to get there:
Bozcaada is connected by fast ferry from Canakkale Port in the town centre, and by car ferry from Geyikli in Ezine. All ferries run on a daily basis. Use the link below to view the full timetable and routes:

Approx. distance from Çanakkale to Geyikli in Ezine by road is 30 miles or 49 km.
See the link below for the map and additional information related to driving directions:
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