4 Temmuz 2020 Cumartesi

Museums And Art Galleries


1915 Seddülbahir Munitions Museum: It is a privately owned gallery telling the story of Gallipoli Campaign. Permanent displays owned by Ahmet Uslu, historian and researcher specialising in the Gallipoli Campaign, throw light on the campaign. 

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum: Located in Ayvacık, Küçükkuyu, currently Turkey’s only olive oil museum re-opened to the public in 2001 after extensive restoration of the abandoned soap factory. The museum has a wide range of interesting exhibits including antique olive presses, baskets for olive picking, earthenware oil jars, oil lamps together and follcloric objects with text (in English as well as Turkish).

Bigalı Atatürk’s House Museum: This small museum in a tiny house in Bigali Village was restored in 1983 and contains some of Ataturk's personal belongings. Also, 35 photos are displayed in the garden. The house was used by Atatürk as the headquarters during the war. 

Bozcaada Museum: This vineyard house offers old photos from Bozcaada, objects from Ottoman objects, collection of Turkish and Greek homewares, vini/viticulture tools and wine cellar.

Çanakkale Archaeology Museum: The museum has a collection of sculptural and archaeological artefacts from prehistoric age to modern age. The wide variety of objects distributed within five different halls and the garden are the findings from the ruins of Troy, Assos, Apollon Smintheion, Tenedos, Alexandreia Troas and Dardanos Tumulus.

Çanakkale Naval Museum: The museum telling 1915 naval/ground operations has a collection of artillery pieces of all calibers. They also have a burst cannon as well as the remnants of a U boat.

Çanakkale Centre: Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTSO) Çanakkale Centre has been opened in order to develop the tourism potential of the city by promoting historical, touristic, cultural, social values and local products. 

Surp Kevork Armenian Church: The church belonging to the Armenian Community is dedicated to St. Surp Kevork and was rebuilt in 1873 on the foundations of previous 7th century church. It is now the Culture House of 18 March University of Çanakkale.

Gallipoli Whirling Dervish Lodge: The historical building has a wonderful ceiling and also inside of it is so pieceful. The historical tombs are worth to see. Whirling dervishes perform their service once a month on Sunday showcasing the life of whirling dervishes in past centuries. The building in which the museum is located dates back four centuries. After the last renovation in 1994, it is now a proud example of the effort that the district is making to encourage tourism to the region.

Piri Reis Museum: The truncated tower in Gallipoli town centre serves as a museum in memory of Ottoman admiral, geographer and cartographer Piri Reis (1470-1554), who drew a pre-modern world map in 1513. The museum contains a a series of paintings of the admiral and collection of prints showing Gelibolu as it was in the past. 

Gallipoli War Museum: The recently opened Gallipoli war museum is one of the most visited museums. Travelling through the many rooms with props, gives such a realistic feeling to it all.

Hadımoğlu Mansion Turkish House Ethnography Museum: The Hadımoğlu House is well worth a visit. The house today is mainly 18th century with 20th century restoration. It is a Turkish House lavishly decorated with gildings, inlays, sculptures, frescoes, plaster ornaments and carved woods.

Halimbey Mansion: Historic personal furnishings and housewares are displayed in a way that reflects their original placement and usage in the house. Artifacts, dowry linens, mementos provide a unique look at the lifestyles of the local people of Biga. 

Kabatepe Simulation Centre: The museum in Gallipoli, Kabatepe houses a collection of historic items relating to the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I with 11 gallery rooms each equipped with advanced high-tech simulation equipment.  

Çanakkale City Museum: The museum is a good day out for anyone who wants to find out more about the city and, the collections and the exhibitons illustrate the different aspects of Çanakkale. 

Salim Mutlu Museum: The rusty finds from the battlefields displayed in this museum at Alçıtepe Village, Gallipoli give a sense of how much artillery was fired.

Ceramic Museum: The museum has an extensive collection of ceramic works. The content of the selections are a modern and traditional local motifs from different periods until the present and portraying Çanakkale life. The Museum is situated in a historical bath, vey well curated and organized, and the collections are presented in a fascinating manner.

Mekor Haim Synagogue: Every October, Jewish people from İstanbul and abroad gather together in the 120 year old synagogue to celebrate Shabbat (a day of rest and spiritual rejuvenation). Blessings are made and candles are lit.