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Historic Places

Mirror Bazaar (Passage Hallio)
The bazaar, bearing resemblance to Ottoman Bazaars, was built by Eliyau Hallio, one of the notable persons of Juwish Community then. 
Behramkale Bridge
The bridge on Tuzla Stream still stands on the original piers and abutments.
Bozcaada Fortress
Built by the Venetians and repaired by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Outer walls and the keep have recently been restored.

Çimenlik Fortress (Kale-i Sultaniye)
The fortress overlooking the Dardanelles Strait was built in Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s time (15th century) to protect İstanbul from invasion. 
Gökçeada Greek Villages
A delightful cluster of houses and alleys nestled amongst olive groves and
Kilitbahir Fortress
The name Kilitbahir means "sea lock".
Clock Tower
It was bequeathed to Çanakkale by the then Italian Consul, Emilio Vitalis in 1897...
Korfmann Library
Contains 15.000 books, volumes and approximately 30.000 issues on a variety of subjects. 
Aqueduct Bridge
The aqueduct bridge across the Kemerdere valley in Civler Village is about 20 km east of Troy,
Wayfarer Memorial Stone
In the hillside above the Gallipoli Peninsula, visible from the Dardanelles, is a large red memorial with the words of the Turkish Poet, Necmettin Halil Onan:
Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park
With a total area of 330 sq km, the park was declared a national park in 1980.
Turkish Soldier Memorial
It is the statue of an ordinary Turkish soldier, a ‘Mehmetcik’ to acknowledge his fighting qualities and humanity with dignity and respect.
57th Infantry Regiment
The cemetery on Sarıbayır Ridge is a symbolic Turkish cemetery with names of many servicemen randomly selected to be inscribed on headstones or plaques.
The Corporal Seyit Memorial
The statue commemorates the Turkish hero of the Allied attempt to force the Dardanelles on March 18, 1915.

Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial
The massive memorial on the southern tip of the peninsula pays tribute to the 253,000 Turkish soldiers who had defended the Dardanelles against foreign invasion in Gallipoli Campaign. 
Lone Pine Cemetery and The Memorial
The thick tapering pylon 14.3 metres high memorial,
The Turkish Memorial
It stands close by Anzac Cemetery on the shore of Suvla Bay where many Australians and New Zealanders are buried.
Cape Helles Memorial
The Helles Memorial is a monument to those whose remains lie scattered across the 1915 battlefield. 
Gökçeada Greek Villages
A delightful cluster of houses and alleys..