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Must Do



Must-Do in Çanakkale

> Start exploring the city from Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) Çanakkale House. You can obtain information about Çanakkale and can see works, local brands, materials used in Gallipoli War, Çanakkale-themed art exhibitions and books regarding Canakkale. There is also Çanakkale House Garden outside the house offering a variety of food and drink (local flavours) to cater for all tastes.
> Go in for the Games of Troy organised by Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
> Seafront is home to a replica of the Trojan Horse used in the 2004 movie Troy. Do not forget to have your picture taken with the horse.
> Take a stroll along the High Street then go gift shopping in Mirror Bazaar where you will find some of the best shopping opportunities. It is an axcellent place to pick up Çanakkale Ceramics.
> Visit Yalı Hanı (a former early 19th century inn - with a large, central courtyard that provides accommodation for travellers) towards evening and try Turkish Coffee flavoured with mastic.
> The central location of Fetvane Street (known as Pubs Street) draws a diverse crowd of drink lovers. Pubs and bars have an inviting atmosphere with friendly service and well-chosen music.
> If you like archaeological traces then visit Archaeology Museum. Polyxena Sarcophagus of around 500 BC is - a must - see in the museum.
> Visit Fatih Mosque built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the town centre, 1500.
> Enjoy surfing in Güzelyalı, wander through deep gren recreation areas by the sea, watch sunset.
> Make sure you visit Naval Museum, Ceramic Museum and City Museum to find out more about the city.
> Take a refreshing walk in Public Garden alias English Garden situated in the heart of Çanakkale city centre.
> Şakir’s Place or Donanma Tea Cafe, both are beside the seaside, where you can relax with a cup of traditional Turkish Tea served alfresco. 
> Take a day trip to Ancient City of Troy and see Schilemann’s excavations. Climb up inside the huge wooden replica of the horse and have a picture. Pop into the gift shop where you can purchase from a vast selection of souvenirs, as well homely and quirky small gift ideas.
> ÇOMU Dardanos Facilities is the place to really cool off. Soak up some rays and dive in for a delicious swim.


Must-Do in Ayvacık

> See Temple of Apollo Smintheus and take a close look at the remaining columns. Have knowledge of his original mouse-smintheus association.
> Stay in a stylish boutique hotel in Yeşilyurt Village or at least take a look around and sit on the terrace.
> Do not miss Altar of Zeus and Adatepe Olive Oil Museum.
> After visiting Ancient Site of Assos, get some rest in the open air ambience of the tea house with sea view just beside the site. 
> Go swimming in the beautiful crystal waters near the Port of Assos. 
> Make your Ayvacık visit really special with a day trip from Babakale to Assos and Küçükkuyu. Swim and sunbathe; eat out at country restaurants and taste Turkish Pancake with local fresh herbs.


Must-Do in Bayramiç

> Visit Hadımoğlu Mansion Turkish House Ethnography Museum.

> Go to Mount Ida. Enjoy breathtaking and unrivaled views from the mountain .


Must-Do in Biga

> Visit the new wonder of the ancient world, Parion and Priapos ruins ensue. 

> No visit to Biga is complete without seeing Halim Bey Mansion that provides a unique look at the lifestyles of the local people. 


Must-Do in Bozcaada

> Visit Bozcaada Fortress from the Venetian era. Wander through narrow lanes and end up at a cafe to avoid the blazing sun. You may like homemade poppy syrup.

> Go swimming at Ayazma Beach. The first time wading into the sea is cold, but be patient, you may soon find you are addicted to the fresh feeling of the water.

 > Visit Bozcaada Museum. The collections at the museum reveal narratives of the time relating to the history and the social life of the island. 


Must-Do in Eceabat

> You must visit cemeteries and the Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial. But you would really need at least a whole day there to make it worthwhile.

> How about a picnic in Çamlık Forest Recreation Area. Or you can simply walk in the shade of pine trees. But please do not be tempted to light a fire.

> Visit Çimenlik Fortress, along with the corresponding Kilitbahir Fortress on the opposite banks of the straits. 


Must-Do in Ezine

> You like cheese? You want to try cheese? Buy cheese? Well, go no further. Quality cheesemongers flourish in Ezine to please any genre of cheese fiend. You can buy cheeses, hampers in a variety of tastes to suit your own style.

> Visit Aleksandreia Troas. Take a photo of the arch at entry to the ancient site that once rivaled İstanbul in magnificence.

> Go swimming in Geyikli or Dalyan. 


Must-Do in Gelibolu

> Visit Gallipoli Whirling Dervish Lodge. Whirling dervishes perform their service once a month on Sunday, and if you are lucky, your trip may coincide with one of these Sema Ceremonies.

> Visit Piri Reis Museum. Find out more about the Ottoman Grand Admiral’s life.

> Enjoy your holiday staying at the campsite in Gallipoli Historical National Park, being alone with the nature.

> If you pass by Bolayır, visit the grave of 19th century famous writer and poet, Namık Kemal.


Must-Do in Gökçeada

> Gökçeada is one of the eight "cittaslows" of Turkey…Enjoy the silence, walk through the woods, over the thyme-scented airy uplands, the lush green valleys or by the banks of limpid streams... You might be surprised to hear the nightingales singing in the thickets.

> You can easily spend one day in the Greek Villages.

> See the island’s amazing rock formations resembling stacked cheese.