4 Temmuz 2020 Cumartesi

Must Taste


> Female gourmet chefs freshly prepare local dishes. We highly recommend Trojan skif, fringed ravioli with chicken and keşkek (coarsely-ground wheat and chicken) prepared using locally sourced ingredients.

> Sea food restaurants offer delicious menu items. And, of course fish is subject to availability. Don’t forget to ask for locally foraged wild herb salad.

> Cheese Halva is a delightful dessert that originated in Çanakkale. It is a perfect ending to any meal or a special edible gift.

> If your holiday comes across April or May, we have some nice places in Biga and Çan where you can taste spit roasted kid.

> Unquestionably, beef rissoles are famous in Biga.  Maybe have a bowl of homemade yogurt to accompany your meal.

> Golden Turkish Delight rolled around whole walnut is a must taste in Biga.

> Pop over to a fish restaurant if you are in Karabiga. The seasonal fish all cooked from fresh are waiting for you.

> Lapseki is famous for its cherries, tomatoes and peaches in particular, both in producing and large quantities for commercial sales. 

> The tantalizing Ezine Cheese has a character and tastes profile of its own. In Ezine, you can buy cheeses in a variety of tastes to suit your own style. Your cheese selections can also be gift boxed at checkout. Here is a small tip: Ezine Cheese has goat milk, sheep milk and cow milk in a ratio of 40:45:15 respectively, depending on the season.

> Sardine Kebab (not gutted !) in Gelibolu: Must! Eat! Here! If you’re lucky enough to coincide with Sardine Festival, make sure you take part in the festivities to really appreciate the local culture and have lots of fun.

Keep your eyes open for wine tasting events in atmospheric surroundings hosted by island’s wine producers. You will get closely acquainted with Bozcaada wines.

> Bayramiç Beyazı: A rare type of white-skinned nectarine grown only in Bayramiç. You will have ample opportunity to eat this glabrous, super sweet nectarine.

> UNESCO protected Keşkek (coarsely-ground wheat and chicken) is a local dish in Yenice that you don’t want to miss.

> The main reason for being in Babakale is the calamari, reputed to be the best in the world. The restaurant overlooking the fishing harbour will give you a certificate of your presence at the westernmost point of mainland Asia.

One of the delicacies enjoyed every evening by local people is the mortar-ground coffee. Coffee beans are pounded in a mortar with a pestle. Then they are roasted, for about 5-10 minutes, before being returned to the mortar to be ground. The powder then is filtered through a sieve with hot water and brewed over an open fire to produce a product identical in taste. 
The coffee is always served with a glass of cold mountain water and Turkish Delight. On a lazy afternoon, sip your coffee while watching the spectacular nature; melt your worries..