4 Temmuz 2020 Cumartesi

Must Try


> Spend a lovely day in Ayvacık exploring the Hüdavendigar and Genoese Bridges over the Mıhlı River.

> Do birdwatching in Biga. It is full of surprises; from common birds in Biga to the more obscure. You can be sure of a great day out.

> Kırkgeçit in Biga is a thermal spa, offering traditional and state-of-the-art spa facilities. You can bathe in the warm, natural mineral-rich waters and choose from a range of spa treatments designed to ease the body and soothe the mind.

> Try wreck diving in the Dardanelles. There are several diving clubs that can help you out.

>  Witness the sunset from the Polente Lighthouse in Bozcaada, where the wind farm is , accompanied by a bottle of island wine and a picnic basket.

 > Monash Valley offers 5 hour battlefield trek between Arıburnu and Hill 971.

> Another trekking adventure is 57.th Regiment trek between Bigalı Village and Chunuk Bair ( approximately 2 hours).

> Spearfish in the cold sea around Bozcaada while snorkelling or freediving.

> Saros Gulf is also ideal for both surfing and underwater hunting – great visibility, diverse and abundant fish.

> Kefaloz Beach, Gökçeada has good wind reliability. Its strength varies from very rough to just a breeze. So, the beach attracts windsurfers, kitesurfers and other watersports enthusiasts together with sailors of all abilities and levels.

> Diving in the first ever Protected Marine Area of Turkey, in Gökçeada is a thrilling experience that is not to be missed.

> Try newly opened thermal spa complex in Çan.

> Visit Surp Kevork Armenian Church and Mekor Hayim Synagogue in Çanakkale city centre, Kimisis Teodoku Church in Bozcaada, Hagia Marina and Hagia Varvara Church in Gökçeada. Nice ambiences…

> Have a picnic in Ayazma, Mount Ida. Drink from the ice cold stream water that makes watermelons cracked apart when putting them in the river to cool…Or trek in different trails.

 > Fly paragliders in Assos, Yenice and Mount Ida.

 > The olive has been an integral part of life in Çanakkale from the first stirrings of civilisation. Visit shops and workshops in residential areas along the Aegean Coast, selling the end product, and have a chat about the types of olive oil and acidity level. Would be nice..