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Ancient Sites

Assos: Assos, just south of Ayvacık, as a tranquil Aegean-coast seaside retreat amid ancient ruins. 

Troy: Troy has been a major centre of ancient-world excavation going on for more than 100 years. 

Temple of Apollo Smintheus
Temple of Apollo Smintheus: Twenty-five km west of Behramkale, in the village of Gülpınar is the ancient city of Chryse where the 2nd century B.C. Temple of Apollo Smintheus (Lord of the Mice) is located. 
Parion: The ancient city of Parion is in the village of Kemer near the town of Biga. Parion is one of the most importants among the dozens of ancient settlements in the region of Troad, in which the city of Troy was the focus. 
Alexandria Troas
Alexandria Troas: The ruins of Alexandria Troas, an ancient city founded by Alexander the Great’s General Antigonos I in 300 BC, lie 30km south of Troy.
Neandreia: Neandreia is an Aeolian Greeks Settlement dating to 700 BCE, 13 km inland from Alexandria Troas, located on the bare summit of the Çığrı Dağ.
Dardanos Tumulus
Dardanos Tumulus: One of the most important Hellenistic tombs of the Troad, the Dardanos Tumulus is 11 km (7 miles) from Çanakkale. 
Maydos: Madytos, by the modern town of Eceabat located on the eastern shore of the Gelibolu Peninsula, on the Dardanelles Strait, was an ancient Greek city and port of Thrace (500 BC).
Priapos: On a small headland called Karabiga, in the Western corner of the Gulf of Erdek, lies an ancient ramparts, identified with the ancient city of Priapos..